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Her neck is too far back. I did some redline of where her spine and neck should be.…

Also, the mouth should be between the eyes.

Anatomy issues apart, I like the outfit idea, and colors. I recognized it as Roll even thou she has a diff "age". I'm not a fan of the "popeye" arms but I guess you call it a homage to Megaman style.

I rated everything 2.5 stars because I don't like the star system and writing this made reach the 100 words minimum. :)

Wait, need a iittle more....

blah blah blah.

........Ok, now I'm done.
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Sonicvt Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015
Is this person inactive?
rongs1234 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 22, 2014
thanks for the incite

sorry to say but that link doesn't work so I cant see what you did.

I think i gave her sort of skinny Popeye arms because I felt they looked more interesting then if they where just tubes and I didn't want do give her the chunky arms that are common to most of the MM styles.

I think i have a habbit of drawing people in away that might not be anatomically correct, but I find visually pleasing, but I do want to get better at drawing the human form
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