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Given the size of the eyes, they are too close. A good rule of thumb is to be able to fit a 3rd imaginary eye between the other 2 eyes.

The nose is also off, if you are going to just hint it like you did, you should put it on the center.

Shoulders are also uneven, with the one right being higher than the one in the left.

I have nothing else to say, but the critique needs to be 100 words long. Lorem Ipsum, etc and all, have a nice day. :)

Wait, need some more words.

Ok, done.
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dweebzilla Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I think it's just the hair making the shoulders look uneven, because one of the strands in front of her shoulders connects to the line of the shoulder at an outward point of the curve and the other connects at an inward part of the curve. Also, having a hint of a nose dead centre only works if the bridge line is straight and the shadow is coming down off of it; in this case, the black line isn't hinting at a nose, it's hinting at the edge of the nostril. While I agree the shadow should have been more straight and centred, the nose line itself is perfectly fine.

I have no objections to the eye measurements though, it's an incredibly common mistake and nothing to get niggled over.
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